Collection: Bangle Band and Silk Scrunchie hair ties

Two Scandinavian mums with five daughters (and one son) amongst them saw the need for a fun, lovely and high quality hair band. The hair bands have the added benefit of looking good on your wrist as a bracelet, which is why they are called bangle bands. Founded in London in 2014 it all started with the search for a hair tie that would look and feel great, and be long lasting and so Bangle Bands were developed. 

At the gym, in the office or at school, on the beach or at a party, the bangle band is the small stylish detail that completes your outfit whether in the hair or adorning your wrist.

Forget about flimsy hair ties that break or lose their stretch, these hair ties hold even the thickest hair firmly in place (not to mention last a lot longer). Bangle bands are not just hair ties, but look beautiful both in your hair and on your wrist.

We are on a mission to convert an everyday essential into a fashion accessory. In your hair or on your wrist, these bangle bands are made to shine for the occasion.