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Doris & Dude

Doris & Dude Bamboo Socks UK 7-11 (EU 41- 45) Bikes

Doris & Dude Bamboo Socks UK 7-11 (EU 41- 45) Bikes

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These Doris & Dude Bamboo Socks are the perfect combination of sustainability and style! With a mix of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and super soft bamboo, you can feel good about treating your feet right. Plus, the navy background and mint and orange bikes make these socks stylish and fun. Pedal to the metal!

Bamboo Socks Tips: Washing & Care Instructions


Washing Bamboo Socks

They do love a nice hot bath, but not scalding, 40° will do nicely (or lower if you want to help the planet).


Use your usual colour-friendly soap powder and softener to help keep them looking great. Harsh chemicals like bleach will turn them old and grey before their time.

Drying Bamboo Socks

Like us, they prefer to hang outside. Start blowing a load of hot air at them, and you might find they come out a lesser sock than when they went in. Save the rough and tumble for your next outdoor adventure, we say. 

Dry Cleaning Bamboo Socks

We get it. You want the best for your socks – of course you do. But, honestly, they’d prefer not to accompany your nice suit or posh frock to the dry-cleaners. They’d much rather stay at home with you.


Who even irons socks, anyway?

At the end of their lively adventure, a gentle stretch will help keep your socks supple. As soon as they’re dry, give them a quick pull to reassemble, and promptly return the joy to your feet (preferably before they notice they’re naked).

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