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Original Art Greeting Card - 'Wait til it stops' by David Eustace

Original Art Greeting Card - 'Wait til it stops' by David Eustace

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Introducing the David Eustace (1950-2021) Collection, a timeless homage to the artist's journey of creative discovery. From his studies in Fine Art and experience as a muralist in the USA to his career as a painter and musician, each unique product honors the legacy of this modern master. Experience the premium quality of every limited piece in this exquisite collection.

Create a captivating landscape of imagination with David Eustace's figurative painting, a blend of playful wit, mysticism, and musicality. His unique vision and passion for art evokes inner worlds of emotions and dreams, offering an experience that can only be felt, not told. Explore the possibilities and revel in the beauty of his masterpieces.

Experience the entrancing, dream-like lines of renowned contemporary artist David Eustace and his captivating vision of the everyday world. His acrylic-on-board paintings, with a light oil glaze to enrich the colors, are brought to life in this 125mm square white card with a vignette of a man and his dog. Honour the award-winning talents of this Royal Society of British Artists member with this timeless greeting card.

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