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Sustain Studio

Sustain Studio Cornwall - Carrageen

Sustain Studio Cornwall - Carrageen

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After spending her days walking along lovely open beaches, littered with seaweed and delicate artifacts of the ocean, Mads decided to draw inspiration from the different types of seaweed she stumbled upon in Cornwall.

One type of Seaweed that she was particularly drawn to, is named ‘Carrageen’. It is organic and abstract in shape, beautifully flared yet still remains structured.

Drawing up a series of prints inspired by Carrageen and using the ink in a big and bold way, the ink inspiration and organic bulging of shape came from 20th-century artist, Matisse, who created lovely cut-out collages of natural forms.

Although created at first with ink, this print has since been digitally mastered. The pulpy fibrous paper texture has therefore been digitally printed onto the paper and is not a reflection of the paper grain.

The digital print is printed onto 100% Recycled Uncoated 300gsm paper and has a luxe sheer matte finish.

‘Carrageen’ features as part of a series, alongside other seaweed influenced designs.

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