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Sustain Studio

Sustain Studio Cornwall - Cornish

Sustain Studio Cornwall - Cornish

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CORNISH The final print in the seaweed collection is titled ‘Cornish’. ‘Cornish’ is not only inspired by Carrageen but also by popular seaweed ‘Bladderwrack’, which can be located on beaches lining the United Kingdom’s coastline.

Similarly, to the two other designs, ‘Cornish’ is inspired by a number of pretty seaweed strains that are sought on our shorelines and influenced in style by abstract artist Henri Matisse.

In a rich black, the design holds the darkness of damp seaweed, the bulging bulbs that appear in Bladderwrack, and the flare of Carrageen. The perimeter of the drawing has been altered to appear slightly jotted, as if the image has been printed using traditional print press techniques, rather than digital.

Despite using Indian ink originally, ‘Cornish’ has been digitally mastered. The pulpy fibrous paper texture has therefore been digitally printed onto the paper and is not a reflection of the paper grain itself. The digital print is printed onto 100% Recycled Uncoated 300gsm paper and has a luxe sheer matte finish.

Despite the natural paper fleck, the pulpy, fibrous paper texture has been digitally printed onto the paper and is not a reflection of the original paper grain. To see the original paper grain, check the back of the print.

Bring a piece of Cornish surf culture into your interior space, with the serene Sunset Surf print! The print will bring memories of the warm summer sun, surfing with friends and having a real good time...


Each print comes cloaked in biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging, that has been beautifully branded and wrapped with the greatest of love and care!

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