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The Cornish Seagull Company

The Cornish Seagull Company - Gullies

The Cornish Seagull Company - Gullies

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Wall DecorThe hanging, dangling, (non) 'flying' seagulls come in three different sizes – the Bit Bigger Gullies, the Medium Ones, and the slightly smaller Bit Smaller Gullies... 

Designed to hang from almost any ceiling in your home and with the sole purpose to simply make you smile...  (and not to steal your chips or pasty......!)

They are a fun, mischievous, and rascally character and a part of the whole Cornish experience.

Individually handmade here in Cornwall, they all have slightly different facial expressions, head-tilts, feet, and wing angles, so no two are exactly the same.

Created with a combination of techniques and using paper-mâché and recycled card for the wing, feet & beak construction, we then cover the whole character in-house-made, air-dry paper-mâché clays before hand-painting them.

The seagulls are delivered with a simple piece of rustic string for dangling...

Please note:  The seagull's heads, bodies and wings are quite robust – the beaks and feet are a little more fragile – these characters are a piece of arts and craft and are not designed for playing with...! Modelling wires are used to support the structures and other materials to build the characters which are not suitable for small children.  The seagulls are most definitely NOT TOYS...! 

The Bit Smaller Still Gullies measure approximately 30cm (12 inches) across their wingspan & 12cm (5 inches) head-to-toe.

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